About Us

About Us

 A Serious Place To Learn Self-Defense

Kenpo Richmond & Martial Arts was started to offer adult beginners and experienced individuals a place to study non-sport Martial Arts that develops one’s natural movement and skill.  Our school is a secular place to learn intelligent adaptive self-defense in a friendly and safe training environment.

Our focus is to provide the highest level of training that adults with varying backgrounds and physical abilities can enjoy.  We teach martial arts from the standpoint of developing the individual with the focus on reality based self-defense.

We believe that teaching someone the ways of self-perfection, without teaching the reality of self-defense, produces a wonderful person, but one who leaves his own personal safety and the personal welfare of his family, to fate.  This is dangerous because it places this person in a vulnerable position to becoming a victim and being unable to defend himself or his family. Unfortunately, many schools merely center their teaching on self-perfection or the development of self, leaving many students with an unrealized false sense of security when it comes to personal safety.

Our students travel from Norfolk, Petersburg, Chester, Midlothian, Brandermill, Woodlake, Goochland county, and the Sandston areas. They chose Kenpo Richmond because we are different and they recognize the value and quality of instruction not available elsewhere.

No Non-Sense

So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong, and strike at what is weak.

- Sun Tzu

Our school is a non-traditional, no-nonsense training facility exclusively for adults.

For us, our study is not a hobby or leisurely pastime. It is an individual journey of self-discovery in developing our physical and mental states without spiritual pretentiousness.  Our goal is to learn how to effectively deal with social conflict and violence through the study of martial arts and practical self-defense principles and concepts. Our study is based not on tradition but through an in-depth understanding of logical and practical movement.

No mysticism. No bunk. We care about studying to find out what works and why. We believe the style should constantly improve and clarify based on evidence and study – not preference, aesthetic concerns, philosophy or loyalty to traditions.  If you seek practical self-protection training with a focus on developing your self, then Kenpo Richmond is where you want to be.

We do not train in the traditional sense.  Our focus is on deepening our understanding of the inherent principles and concepts of movement. Known by different names, the inherent principles of movement are found in the teachings of Kenpo, Jujutsu, Aikido, Silat, JKD, Russian Systema and others.  Our goal is to develop a comprehensive knowledge of how to efficiently deal with aggression through the science and study of body motion and human performance.

We’ve all heard the expression “you fight the way you train” but what are you doing about it? Kenpo Richmond is dedicated to isolating skills down to their basic mechanics, improving and rehearsing these skills not through rote memorization or blind repetition, but through free-flowing, dynamic limitation drills that teach adaptability from the foundation of training. From there, we integrate these skills with intelligence and specific objectives into integrated skill progressions, building body intelligence, improving reflexes and reducing fear in the student

An important aspect of our training is that techniques are not learned by memorization but through an in-depth study of an individual’s natural body movement and reactions. The key is to understand one’s core reactions and bodily abilities and build a framework to achieve “freedom of movement.” It is not our goal to overwhelm the student with hundreds of techniques. Over a period of time, each student becomes comfortable navigating their bodies in a variety of situations.

Our method of study and training shows that techniques become a side-effect of the proper application of the Four Pillars; Proper Breathing, Relaxation, Movement, and Posture.  Since the “real world” presents potentially, an infinite number of different threat situations, the ultimate goal is to be flexible, aware, and relaxed enough to work properly within any given context.

Whether your personal goals are to learn martial arts, self-defense, improve your overall fitness, or learn something new and challenging while getting in to better shape, we stand ready to help you. Our primary aim is for you to get the most out of your training experience as you learn martial arts and practical self-defense.  We will help you transform yourself into a more confident person.
Kenpo Richmond has been dedicated to preserving and promoting the ideals, practices, and spirit of martial arts since 2004. Moreover, we teach students real world self-defense to survive violence, which is why we do not teach sport or competitive martial arts.

Studying with us requires an earnest study and commitment.  For these reasons, we screen prospective students before enrolling in our Free Trial Classes.

Membership at Kenpo Richmond is only offered to those individuals approved by our Senior Group.

What good is your physical training without the wisdom to know when to use it and when to walk away from someone who is pushing you to fight? And, if you do have the wisdom to know when to use your skills, and when to refrain from using your skills, what good is it if you don’t have the courage to use them in the first place? Complete martial arts training gives you the skills, the wisdom to know how and when to use those skills, the courage to use them when you need to, and much more.

- Warrior Wisdom


Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and learn self-defense?