Meet Our Instructors

With Grand Master George Elmer

With Grand Master George Elmer in Philadelphia in 2013. Mr. Elmer is the founder of the American Chinese Kenpo Karate System (A.C.K.K.S.)

Our senior instructor at Kenpo Richmond has been a student of the martial arts and combative studies more than three decades.  His diverse experience has forged and tempered a straight forward practical approach to teaching Modern Martial Arts and Practical Self-Defense.

Mr. McClure began his Kenpo training as an early teen.  His primary Kenpo training over the years include Tracy’s Kenpo, Ed Parker’s American Kenpo, American Chinese Kenpo, and Kosho-ryu Kenpo systems to name several. Besides Kenpo, he has studied other disciplines receiving dan rankings in several styles. Among his instructor ranking are the systems of American Kenpo, Tracy’s Kenpo, White Tiger Kenpo, American Chinese Kenpo Karate System, Suenaka-Ha Tetsugaku Ho Aikido, Cimande Silat (KunTao), and Wushu to name several.

Other notable systems which have influenced his adaptive approach to martial arts and modern self-defense include teachings from Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga, FMA, Sanuces Ryu JiuJitsu and Russian Systema.

The teaching approach at Kenpo Richmond is pragmatic and logical.  It is a method that guides students to develop their own intuitive, adaptive, and intelligent understanding of self-defense.  Our method of training requires an earnest study of kinetics and biomechanics as it relates to the dynamics of human performance and movement. We teach individuals, not styles!


Teaching Assistants

Our teaching assistants are among the most dedicated and serious students we have had the privilege of being associated with in Richmond Virginia.

Their commitment to the arts and with learning are of the highest standards.  They exemplify the true spirit and best teachings of what martial arts have to offer.  Each one stands ready to assist our members in achieving their full potential with learning the art and science of Kenpo JiuJitsu and Martial Arts.


Mr. Saunders, Senior Student

CasMr. Saunders is currently ranked shodan in Honshitsukan Kenpo Jujutsu & Combative Studies.  He holds additional ranks of shodan in Honshitsukan Aikido and an ikkyu rank in Suenaka-Ha Aikido. He has an extensive boxing background and has cross-trained in Silat, Wing Chun, and White Tiger Kenpo. Originally from Pittsburgh, he is a father of three and a long-term resident of Richmond.

Tariq has been a serious student of the martial arts for over a decade, with his primary focus on self-defense.  His approach to teaching makes learning fun and enjoyable for all levels. He takes the seemingly complicated and breaks it down that makes it easy to understand.  Aside from his easy-going nature, he’ll challenge your limits, then press you more to help you reach your full potential.  He is an excellent martial artist that is both skilled and proficient. Tariq’s nickname is “Cas”.


Mr. Lubrano, Teaching Assistant

Mr. LubranoMr. Lubrano is currently ranked nikyu (2nd brown belt) at Kenpo Richmond.  He holds dan ranks in White Tiger Kenpo and Danzen Ryu JiuJitsu. He has cross-trained extensively in American Tae Kwon Do, Isshin Ryu Karate and Aikido.  He is originally from New York and has been residing in Richmond for more than a decade.

Lenny is an instructor full of passion.  When he walks on the mat he transforms from a soft-spoken easy-going professional, to all business with unbelievable high-energy.

When you have the pleasure to workout with Mr. Lubrano, you will become infected with his zeal and challenging spirit.  You will find him to be a patient instructor, freely sharing his experience, yet pushing you to new personal heights as you transform yourself through your study, practice, and training.