KRMA Photos

Enjoy the assortment of photos from our training sessions at the dojo, outdoors, and from various gatherings throughout the year.

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  • Captain & Doc working it hard.
  • Bob & Cas working "What-If's"
  • Working ground control.
  • Working the fine points of the head drop.
  • Class, August 2013
  • Breaking sturcture.
  • XX with Cas doing 'Each One, Teach One"
  • Some of our crew from July 2013 class.
  • Abrahm & Andrew made the trip from Des Moines with Professor Barongan and many others.
  • Making new friends in Cherry Hill, NJ.
  • Friday night with good friends and committed martial artists. Great guys!
  • Friday night social with Mr. Elmer and various guests at the Crowne Plaza.
  • Robert and Keith discussing wrestling at Friday social at the Crown Plaza - May 2013
  • Mr. J.B. from the Orlando A.C.K.K.S. working with Doc
  • River City Kenpo Seminar 2013
  • Finer points of "Sky to Ground"
  • This is the way it's done!
  • GM George A. Elmer, Jr. teaching.
  • Mr. Keith Elmer from New Jersey A.C.K.K.S. working with Silverback
  • Training outdoors provides a different experience which builds on intelligence.
  • Working with elbows in the great outdoors.
  • Training outdoors is always a nice change.
  • Teaching women to have confidence and to survive assault.