Most Asked Questions

BPCSThe following are the most frequently asked questions we receive at Kenpo Richmond.

Where are you located?

We are located in the Wistar Center next to Crown Trophy at 8115 Staples Mill Road, Richmond, VA 23228.

The Wistar Center is on the west bound side of Staples Mill Road (traveling away from Richmond), just after Wistar Road and before Hermitage Road.

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Can I Do This?

This question is often asked by people from all walks of life.  Yes, you can do this!  If you’re serious about starting one of the most rewarding adventures you can take, we stand ready to help you get started so you can transform yourself into a healthier more confident person.  Most people confess when they sign-up that they have never been coordinated…had great balance …or can even touch their toes.  Even more reveal they fear confrontation…wonder if they’re too old…or  if they’ll be able to pick things up quickly.

Like those before you, you’ll quickly see why all that isn’t as important as you might think.  Our proven program can help you transform yourself in ways your friends, family and coworkers can readily see and have you asking yourself why you waited so long to get started.

YES!  The majority of students started without having any prior experience in the martial arts.  We have adults from all walks of life training with us.  We tailor our approach to the individual and experience level.  Classes are taught in a progression, ensuring sound understanding of the fundamentals before moving to advanced material.
There is a common misconception that you must have started as kid to learn martial arts and self-defense.  This is not true!  We’ve had adult men and women from all walks of life and age come through our doors to learn.  If this is something you really want to learn, there is nothing stopping you but you.
We are an Adults ONLY self-defense school.  Members must be 18-years of age of older.  However, exceptions for minors between the ages of 15 – 17 may be granted with the provision they are studying with one of their parents. 
 We have fun and enjoy our time in the dojo together, yet we do take our training very seriously.  Our instructors are approachable, easy to talk to and are here to help you get the most out of your training.

After your first lesson, you will discover the benefits are many as you realize your potential. Physically you will feel a sense of achievement as your whole body is awakened from each workout.

While our classes are taught in a group setting, you will always get the time and attention you need.  We break out in to smaller groups to focus on different aspects where you receive more individualized instruction.

We take every precaution to help ensure your safety.  Every class is supervised and led by a qualified instructor or teaching assistant.  Everything is taught step-by-step in a controlled environment.  We do not tolerate heavy-handed students, bad attitudes or ego-centric behavior.

Each class starts with a short series of warm-ups and stretching followed by:

  • Basics and Isolation Drills
  • Techniques & Applications Practice with individual or multiple partners to develop internalization and intelligence
  • Standing, Kneeling, Groundwork, and Scenario Training in learning how to deal with varied attacks and self-defense situations and much more…

Everyone practices and trains with one another regardless of skill level.  Classes are kept at a quick pace and are vigorous in working both the physical and mental of each student. Class is balanced between working new material and refining material previously learned.  You will definitely get a great workout in every class.

Repetition is not the mother of skill. Mindful, enlightened repetition is the mother of skill. Practice does not make perfect if what you are practicing is fundamentally flawed. We believe in constantly revisiting the basics with new information and intelligence from the training cycle.  Our focus is to develop proficiency and skill.

Most of our students began taking martial arts to either get in to shape or to learn an effective method of self-defense.  However, there are more benefits that bring great value to our classes:

  • Increased self-confidence and self-discipline
  • Improved flexibility, coordination balance and endurance
  • Enhanced mental clarity and concentration
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Ability to face adversity with a greater sense of calm and more!

We’re looking for the right fit and not seeking to jam as many bodies in to our classes as possible.  That’s why we offer FREE Trail Classes so you can test drive our program.  We want to make sure we both feel it’s a good fit before accepting anyone.

Ultimately, we’re looking for good-natured people who really want to be here, can train regularly, will give it their best effort, will remain humble, have no criminal record and are serious about learning martial arts with a focus on real world self-defense applications.  If this sounds like you, get started today!

New membership is limited to select candidates.  You must schedule an appointment to attend our FREE Trial Classes. Please visit How To Join for additional information.

We do not charge fees for advancement. Rank is only awarded when you have developed the required proficiency for each level of advancement. Unlike many organizations and schools, advancement is not predicated on time in rank, social status or activities within the organization.