General Info

General Information

We have tried to provide as much general information as possible to help you with choosing the right martial arts school.  The following should cover additional questions you may not have considered.

July 10 AW2What To Wear During Trial Classes

Bring something comfortable and loose-fitting; sweat pants or shorts and a tee-shirt are ideal.  If you have an older uniform from previous training, feel free to wear this during your trial classes.

Uniforms & Equipment

When you decide to join us at Kenpo Richmond you will need to purchase a white uniform at some point.  We will provide you resources to several retailers.

Men will need to purchase a quality athletic cup protector.  Women should consider purchasing chest and groin protection.

Testing and Advancement

Testing is only conducted when a student is determined to be ready for advancement.  Each student must develop a sufficient level of skill and understanding of the required material in order to be asked to appear before the testing board.

Time in grade is not a factor when it comes to advancement.  Each student is advanced based on knowledge, skill and proficiency in a wide array of self-defense situations.

Testing and Promotion Fees

Unlike the majority of martial arts schools and organizations, we do not charge fees for testing or promotions.

Seminars and Camps

Students are encouraged to attend various seminars and camps held throughout the year.  These events including travel and lodging, are separate expenses which are borne by each student.