Martial Arts

Martial Arts

“Martial Arts” is a term that covers a broad spectrum of disciplines. While some insist that martial (“war”) arts are military in nature, others insist that they are paths to peaceful evolution and personal development. Whether your own personal philosophy lies within one of these definitions or lies somewhere in between, one thing on which we can all agree is that the martial arts have much to offer.

Personal Edge

A martial art is something a person practices to give him or herself the edge and the advantage in the event of a confrontation or an assault. This advantage may be physical, mental, or emotional in nature. There are literally hundreds of different styles and thousands of different approaches to the martial arts, training, and self-defense.

Learning How Survive & How Not To Fight

Training in self-defense is just as vital and necessary as any training one may receive in life. Competent training and practice will enable one to successfully cope with those situations in which they encounter physical resistance or personal attack. Conversely, those who have not received this training may not be prepared to handle many of the situations which, sooner or later, are bound to confront them.

But, that’s not to say that the martial arts are all about learning how to fight. More importantly, it’s about learning how not to fight. It’s about learning to have the confidence and the courage to be able to assess and walk away from an altercation rather than let it become an out of control situation. It’s about learning, not only the physical skills required for self-defense, but also the mental, emotional, and psychological skills to become both a skilled martial artist and a better and stronger person.

Way of Life

The martial arts are a way of life. Studying the arts is a great way to exercise and stay in shape, develop respect for others, self-respect, concentration, and focus. It is also the path to self-awareness, personal development, and freedom. They are the road to self-development on many levels. The martial arts may focus on the teaching, but personal growth is the result of the learning.