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Learn Martial Arts and Personal Self-Defense for Adults Only

Now is the time to begin your new adventure in learning both martial arts and self-defense in Richmond, Virginia.   

If you are looking for something different from the traditional martial arts school based study where their training is primarily a philosophical emphasis rather than reality based self-defense, then KRMA should be your only choice.

Exclusively teaching adults
Learn at you own pace

While others teach children, teens, and adults in the same class, we ONLY teach adults.  You can expect to train with like-minded individuals who are serious about learning.
Learn both martial arts and self-defense in a beginner friendly environment. Train to develop intelligent adaptability through the principles of martial movement and kinetic concepts.


Limited class size
No Contracts

Our membership is limited so you will never feel neglected nor will you feel you are wasting your time with fair weather students.
It’s up to you how long you want to study, practice and train.  We guarantee no bunk, no mysticism, and no martial arts fantasies.



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Please take the time to review our website thoroughly before contacting us for additional information, Particular attention should be given to the How To Join page.

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