How To Join


We want the right fit and seek serious adult men and women willing to put forth their best effort to learn personal self-defense in a dynamic and challenging environment.

Since our membership is restricted, all prospective members must undergo a brief telephone discussion with our Senior Instructor prior to attending class.  Interested individuals will be scheduled for Trial Classes subject to approval and class availability and must meet the following requirements to become a member:

  • Without obligation, attend 2 – 3 Trial Classes within a 10 day period when available to test drive our program. This gives you an opportunity to experience our training curriculum first-hand and to meet our membership. We want you to experience what we do and how we do it up-close and personal while giving our Senior Group the opportunity to assess your compatability with our group.
  • Have a sincere desire toward learning with a genuine willingness to put forth a committed best effort in a course of study, practice and training.
  • Be unanimously approved for membership by our Senior Group.

Our Members

Our members will say with one clear voice to train at Kenpo Richmond is a privilege.  Unlike other schools who will open their teaching to anyone, we want the right fit.

We pride ourselves on a committed teaching approach in learning both martial arts and self-defense. We want everyone to get the most from each class.  This is achieved by screening potential members to ensure they have similar attributes in their desire to learn and be a positive influence in our dojo.

We are not here to compete or to see who is the best, we are here to learn how to survive by any means necessary.

Choice of Programs

A few of our crew at our 2012 Holiday Gathering

Once you have completed Trial Classes and have been approved for membership, you will be offered a choice of several programs without long-term contracts to continue your training.

We believe that learning self-defense and martial arts should not be a financial burden.  You will find us easy to work with if you are sincere about learning. 

Discounts are available to military, both currently serving and veterans, law enforcement officers and first responders.  Family discounts are also available.

Several of our students travel from Norfolk, Petersburg, Chester, Woodlake , Powhattan, Goochland, and the Charlottesville areas to train at Kenpo Richmond.

Read what some of them say in their testimonials or talk with them individually when you take our FREE Trial Classes.  Find out for yourself about the Kenpo Richmond Difference!


Membership Exceptions for Minors

Membership will be considered for a minor 15 – 17 years of age, provided the minor is enrolled with a parent/legal guardian and both train together.

Minors should have their parent or legal guardian contact us for addtional information.


Come join us!

If you are serious about learning practical self-defense that is tailored to fit you, contact us about the availability of our Trial Classes.

Our Chief Instructor will contact you by telephone prior to any scheduling.

Please take the time to review our website thoroughly before contacting us for additional information.

Thank you!