How We Train

Training and Practice Overview

The crow has flown away: swaying in the evening sun, a leafless tree.

- Haiku by Soseki Natsume (1867-1916)

Training at Kenpo Richmond is designed to unlock your full potential and improve your personal fitness as you learn Modern Martial Arts and Self-Defense for personal protection and self-preservation.

Each class offers different activities to keep your training interesting and fresh while developing core fundamentals.  You can be assured our class structure will allow you to get the most from each training session.  You will experience a pace of training intensity that will work your entire body and challenge your mental state as you develop your skills.

The following is a general overview of a typical class:


csdsClasses begin with varying warm-ups and stretching designed to condition your body and to strengthen your core.   Included are exercises designed to train the joints through neurological retraining methods. These are specifically designed to prevent injury, maximize bodily coordination and performance, and pain relief by taking the joints through the six ranges of motion.

Falling and Ground Movement

Since our training includes a variety of throws, sweeps and other take downs, it is important for students to learn how to land properly and safely.  Besides learning to fall, you will learn how to move efficiently from the ground to navigate physical aggression.

Core Fundamentals:  Four Pillars

Our practice concentrates on developing the fundamental principles of Proper Breathing, Relaxation, Movement, and Posture.  In a violent or stressful situation, the individual often finds that one (or more) of these pillars disappears, resulting in a greater chance for an undesirable outcome.

Basics and Isolation Drills

Basics and isolation drills are worked each class. These diverse activities help to internalize movement and to develop intelligence within each student. These may include but are not limited to understanding psychological expectation, gentle/soft work, timing, targeting, striking and the use of natural weapons, receiving strikes, take downs, breaking structure, kinetics and ground work to name several.

Multi-Dimensional Teaching

casedwinEveryone is different. An instructor’s fighting skills, frame of reference and personal experience do not transfer to a student. Their teaching skills however do. We believe in creating an environment that appeals to all learning styles, combining visual demonstrations and explanation, written material, illustrations, group discussion and explorative physical work.

We are not bound by a blind obedience in following a singular method of study.  Instead, we learn “free wind” adaptability to overcome situations of conflict and violence by whatever efficient method may be required.


Working martial principles and various applications in contact with a partner is the main segment of each class.  This level of practice develops relaxed synchronization of movements while being engaged physically.  It further teaches students how to adjust their applications to various body types as they build their intelligence while learning how to deal with aggression in a calm and relaxed state.

We are dedicated to isolating skills down to their basic mechanics, improving and rehearsing these skills not through rote memorization or blind repetition, but through free-flowing, dynamic limitation drills that train adaptability from the foundation of training. From there, we integrate these skills with intelligence and specific objectives into integrated skill progressions, building body intelligence, improving reflexes and reducing fear in the student.

Debriefing & Assessment

Frequently missing in both the traditional martial arts and modern combative training, Kenpo Richmond believes in open sharing and discussion, analysis of lessons learned and group growth.

Outdoor Training

Classes are periodically held outdoors at various locations to help students learn how to adapt to different environments and conditions.


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