Why Train Here

Top Reasons to Train Here

If your desire is to study Modern Martial Arts with an emphasis on learning personal self-defense and self-protection, we offer the following top reasons why Kenpo Richmond should be your primary choice.

Group Class

Beginner Friendly

We provide a beginner friendly training environment with the goal of developing both the mind and body.  Practice and train at your own pace.

We Only Teach Adults

We are the only martial arts school in Richmond, Virginia, exclusively teaching adults.  You will learn both martial arts and self-defense to deal with social confrontation and asocial violence. Read what our members have to say about our program.

Natural Movements

Don’t use violence to solve social situations. Yield, diffuse or de-escalate when possible.
Our system is based on natural movements you make every day, including a study of the principles of kinetics and biomechanics relating to the manipulation and control of the human body.

Among the training you receive, we will guide you in developing an understanding to…

  • Apply intelligent reason and practicality instead of martial arts fantasies;
  • Place the logic of motion and kinetic principles above Martial Arts manipulated traditions and mysticism;
  • Search for equality instead of pretentiousness through the intelligence of physical movement;
  • Learn to solve aggression with sensitivity and compassion without excessive force or violence;
  • Learn how to meet asocial violence with violence when dealing with predatory assault and much more…

You will learn how to move instinctively out of necessity.  While many other martial arts focus on other cultures and historical time frames, Kenpo Richmond is the place to learn practical self-defense tailored to fit you.

We are completely secular. We do not advocate religious affiliation or exclusion on any other basis. If you are dedicated to learning how to resolve aggression through a sincere study, you are always welcome.
We embrace the principles of developing ourselves both physically and mentally through the study of martial arts principles and concepts.  Our training philosophy embraces the Japanese concept of Shuhari, “First learn, then detach, and finally transcend.”
We want the right fit and seek serious adult men and women willing to put forth their best effort to study martial arts and learn personal self-defense.

Prospective students must participate in our FREE Trial Classes so we both make sure there is a proper match. 

No long-term contracts required.  You are free to choose how long you want to study with us. 
Our Senior Instructor teaches every class and has trained in the martial arts for more than 30 years. You will always have an immediate line of personal attention to help you achieve your full potential.
In addition to learning martial arts and self-defense, you will improve your overall fitness and endurance as you learn how to deal with physical threats and violence in a variety of situations. Your training will develop both your mind and body as you learn how to do things your body thought not possible.
Membership has its privileges. Get instant access to forums, videos, and other content that will help you in your study, practice and training at Kenpo Richmond.

The most effective way to tell if our training program is right for you is to schedule an appointment to try our classes without obligation.  Trial Classes are by appointment only when available.


Every person that works with you is your instructor.